DaVinci II™ Announces 6th Acquisition of Zurmo

DaVinci IITM Announces 6th Acquisition of Zurmo; Adding CRM to its Cross-platform Enterprise App Center

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — DaVinci IITM, the world’s first High-Frequency Marketing OS, announced the acquisition of Zurmo, The re-branded CRM software application will go by “CRM.me”. This marks DaVinci IITM‘s sixth acquisition since it launched in mid 2014.

CRM.me will complete DaVinci IITM‘s Enterprise App Center and further allow the Company to disrupt two industries at once – programmatic advertising and enterprise software. It will integrate seamlessly with DaVinci IITM‘s multi-channel DSP, real-time DMP persona store, and its current-standing suite of enterprise software aggregating social, web, email, mobile, CRM and location data.

“DaVinci IITM‘s recent acquisitions position the company to re-shape both digital marketing and enterprise software. DaVinci IITM is turning both of these industries on their heads, helping brands leverage big data and cloud-based CRM, while enabling enterprise software to be free. It is pretty amazing that Chahal and the team from DaVinci IITM have integrated this technology stack so quickly and seamlessly,” said Jordan Rohan, former Managing Director and Analyst at Stifel Nicolaus and founder of digital consultancy Clearmeadow Partners LLC.

CRM.me’s all-in-one CRM platform and sales management tool inputs prospects, maintains customer relationships, and tracks results. Full integration within the DaVinci IITM platform enables to cross-sell and maximizes ROI. CRM.me is also equipped with the world’s first built-in gamification engine. Gamification includes leaderboards, missions and rewards to engage, motivate, and recognize their top achievers. This feature has statistically proven to increase sales tremendously for brands, agencies and publishers worldwide.

“We are excited to add CRM.me to the DaVinci IITM Marketing OS Platform,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of DaVinci IITM “further enabling us to provide brands, agencies and publishers a gamut of solutions to reach consumers through-out their purchase journey and across all devices. By integrating marketing and sales in one platform, they maximize their ROI eliminating the noise that Lumascapes’ created for this industry.”

“Over the last four years, Zurmo has become the leading gamified CRM platform. Through this acquisition, not only do we complete DaVinci IITM‘s Enterprise App Center, but we are able to leverage the power of deliver.me and reach.me to enhance Zurmo’s current email and social capabilities, respectively. I’m excited to join DaVinci IITM‘s US offices and work alongside a world-class management team,” said Jason Green, former CEO of Zurmo, As part of this acquisition, Jason Green, will join DaVinci IITM‘s team as “Senior Director, CRM” heading all global operations and management.

“Adding an intelligent CRM platform to in all-in-one marketing stack is a win-win for marketers utilizing the DaVinci IITM Platform,” saidSteve Katelman, EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Omnicom Media Group.

About DaVinci IITM

DaVinci IITM is the world’s first High-Frequency Marketing OS integrated on one platform. Automation, Simplicity, and Design have been core ingredients in all of the technology it has brought to the marketplace.

From day one, the Company’s goal has been to simplify marketing by humanizing the fundamental components behind it. DaVinci IITM offers a full suite enterprise apps aggregating social, web, email, mobile, CRM and location data for free. This allows marketers to save millions of dollars annually and enhance automation across all consumer touch-points.

DaVinci IITM is a global software advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Chicago, New York, Bermuda,Dublin, and Istanbul.

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