DaVinci IITM Acquires EuroAds, introducing its Marketing Cloud in Europe, the combined grouped to add up to $60 million in revenue for 2016 in Europe.

DaVinci IITM, the world’s first modern-day marketing cloud, announced the acquisition of EuroAds Group A/S. EuroAds is one of Europe’s leading online advertising companies with a full suite of proprietary applications, which will become seamlessly integrated within DaVinci IITM’s Marketing Cloud. The transaction, a double-digit million-dollar deal that included cash and stock, will allow DaVinci IITM to establish its presence within Europe. This marks DaVinci IITM’s eleventh acquisition since launching in July 2014.

EuroAds is one of the leading and profitable digital marketing companies in Europe. The Company has direct relationships with close to 1,000 marquee brands across five countries, and 13,000 direct publishers, which will now have access to DaVinci IITM’s Marketing Cloud.

“As we launch our presence in Europe, we are proud to announce our eleventh acquisition and welcome EuroAds to the DaVinci IITM family. This not only expands DaVinci IITM’s offering, but also allows us to enter Europe’s advertising market with a distinguished presence. We believe the synergies between DaVinci IITM with EuroAds direct relationships will provide up to $60 million in additional revenue for 2016.” “We also plan to continue our investment M&A strategies throughout Europe,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, Chairman and CEO of DaVinci IITM.

EuroAds has established a significant presence across the Nordic markets over the last nine years with a total of five offices across Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Spain. As a part of this acquisition, DaVinci IITM will welcome all of EuroAds’ team members and offices to become a part of the DaVinci IITM family.

“We are extremely pleased to have EuroAds become part of DaVinci IITM and offer our customers a modern-day marketing cloud that should dramatically accelerate their growth and our revenue. In the past nine years, EuroAds has surpassed its revenue year over year, with profitability in mind, and now we’ve found a strategic partner who can take our customers and employees to the next level. With DaVinci IITM, we share a unified vision on where the market is headed, and we are confident Gurbaksh Chahal will take EuroAds to new heights, as he brings a deep knowledge into this market,” say Jimmi Meilstrup, Morten Vilsen and Thomas Paludan, Co-Founders of EuroAds.

“The EuroAds acquisition is a strategic one for DaVinci IITM that has multiple synergies for expanding our business with technology that will automate a marketplace ripe for disruption. With EuroAds large direct customer base, DaVinci IITM’s Marketing Cloud will rapidly scale into the European markets. I am looking forward to interacting with the EuroAds team, and helping DaVinci IITM become a key player in Europe,” said Tom Bang, Managing Director of Northern Europe at DaVinci IITM.

With EuroAds offering integrated within DaVinci IITM, publishers will now have access to new software allowing them to generate new forms of data, page views and revenue. And, EuroAds advertisers will be able to access more distribution in an automated fashion across programmatic search, native, display, and social.

“We’ve been a strategic advertiser with EuroAds for 4 years and have always viewed them as a valued partner that has generated great ROI for us. EuroAds delivers substantial scale, transparency and results for us to generate new prospects into customers. With this acquisition, we see game changing opportunities’ and cannot wait to see how we will grow our business utilizing DaVinci IITM’s Marketing Cloud,” said Daniel Soussan, Founder & CEO, Insplanet AB.

About DaVinci IITM

DaVinci IITM is the world’s first modern-day marketing cloud integrated on one platform. Automation, Simplicity, and Design have been core ingredients in all of the technology within the DaVinci IITM Marketing Cloud.

From day one, the Company’s goal has been to simplify marketing by humanizing the fundamental components behind it. DaVinci IITM offers a full suite of enterprise applications to aggregate social, web, email, mobile, CRM, search, and location data in real-time for free. This offering allows marketers to save millions of dollars annually and enhance automation across all digital consumer touch-points.

DaVinci IITM is a global software-advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in the US, Bermuda, Ireland, Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Columbia, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Finland.

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