DaVinci IITM Acquires Pixels, Marking the Company’s Entry into Asia

Adds 100 people globally; combined group’s revenue in Asia to surpass $40 million in 2016.


DaVinci IITM, the world’s first high frequency marketing cloud, today announced the acquisition of a 93.7% ownership stake in Pixels, an award-winning multi-screen

advertising technology company headquartered in Hong Kong. This move marks DaVinci IITM’s entry into the South East Asia and Hong Kong markets.

“Pixels not only boasts one of the smartest management teams I’ve ever met, but they have also built a great business and a mobile DCO platform that we can’t wait to deploy on a global level,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, Chairman and CEO of DaVinci IITM. “We’re also very excited about entering Asia and introducing our marketing cloud and programmatic offering to this dynamic market,” said Mr. Chahal.

Throughout Asia and the world, marketers are rapidly adopting digital advertising and the sector is experiencing high growth. According to eMarketer, digital ad spend in the Asia Pacific region is expected to rise 22% to $70 billion in 2016*, with mobile and video advertising platforms being key to this growth.  

Recently, Pixels introduced mobile ad offerings that include groundbreaking HTML5-based rich media creatives that encourage advertisers to engage users. This, along with its vast network of premium and category leading publishers, reinforces Pixels’ market-leading position as a must-have partner for mobile digital advertising innovation.

“We are extremely pleased to become a part of the DaVinci IITM family,” said Kevin Huang, Co-founder and CEO of Pixels. “Our advertisers, partners, and employees will see the immediate benefits of being part of DaVinci IITM. With the introduction of DaVinci IITM’s marketing cloud to the Asian market, our customers will reap the benefits of modern cloud marketing technology, as Asia sits at the cusp of a digital advertising boom,” said Mr. Huang.

Pixels was created in October 2014, the result a merger between Pixel Media, Snap Mobile, and Adsfactor, and is one of the largest digital media entities in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. The company has just over 100 employees and is headquarters in Hong Kong, with additional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Pixels’ multi-screen advertising technology and media assets enable advertisers to reach their target audience and marketing objectives as consumers navigate across digital devices, platforms, and screens. This includes display advertising, in-stream video, targeting solutions, and branded content.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. DaVinci IITM plans on acquiring the outstanding 6.3% of Pixels shares in the next few months and integrate Pixels into the DaVinci IITM Marketing Cloud. Kevin Huang will continue to lead the company in Asia.  

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