DaVinci IITM Asia Launches AI Powered Chatbots

Press Release: DaVinci IITM Asia is the leading multi-screen advertising technology company, which announced it has officially launched its AI powered ChatBot service. Company’s product officially went live with its first few clients last week.

DaVinci IITM’s Chatbot is an automated service, powered by machine learning and rules that enable online interactions among consumers and brands through a messaging interface, requiring no download of any application. Company announced its release being readily available on digital platforms (Facebook Messenger, Skype, SMS and Web). Service is a seamless user experience, connecting customers to brands, products and services. Several tier 1 brands went live with this service last week. The product has been developed by DaVinci IITM’s Asia team and been made available to all its advertisers as a custom development program. Furthermore, the product provides deep analytics for brands to understand their audience engagement at a glance and get deeper insights into conversation metrics. This additional insights, real-time, enables brands to understand what’s on their customer’s minds, anticipate brand challenges that they may arise on a one to one basis and respond accordingly.

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“DaVinci IITM Asia/Pixels (previous DoubleClick Asia) has been market leader in Hong Kong, within the digital & mobile sector. Its strong position in the mobile sector seamlessly positioned the team for a successful launch of intelligently powered chatbot to enable brands to harness the power of mobile into the next stage beyond advertising and into customer care,” said CEO/Founder of DaVinci IITM, Gurbaksh Chahal.

Furthermore, company announced it’s AI Team has been working with select brands to leverage AI and machine learning capabilities, to understand deeper the consumers’ habits, behavior and context of their conversation. This will feedback back into it’s Mona Lisa AI marketing cloud, to provide brands and consumers with timely and relevant offers.

“AI, chatbots and VR are the three hottest topics in digital marketing this year and we’re pleased to bring to market one of the 3 top emerging global trends with the launch of Pixels’ ChatBot to advertisers in Asia. With ChatBot, advertisers can now effectively integrate their current promotional messages to consumers on messaging apps already commonly used by consumers”, said Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels/DaVinci IITM Asia.

The market for chatbots globally is growing exponentially and according to Transparency Market Research, the market for chatbots are forecasted to be worth US$995 million by 2024 as companies invest into them as a business transformation tool as well as automation of a variety of business and marketing functions. Chatbots are now commonly used in customer service centers but increasingly marketers and brands are adopting and integrating them into their marketing campaign, specifically with their mobile based promotion where integrating chat is seamless and un-intrusive for consumers.