Davinci II™ Data Marketplace

Boost your campaign profitability with our high intent audiences

DaVinci11’s audience segments are built with precision by our AI engine and tailored to your campaigns objectives to help you achieve maximum media efficiency and effectiveness! Our AI audience building engine processes and continually ingests thousands of intent signals and rich data sets of individuals around the globe to keep your targeting on point. Your campaign segments are built to scale. Our proprietary shopper data combined with several 3rd party data sources enables you to reach over a billion individuals globally! Targeting in market shoppers with so much precision has never been this easy. What are you waiting for? Start leveraging our shopper intent data for your prospecting and retention campaigns!

Plug and Play Audiences

If you’re not using our managed services you can have the audiences come to you! Customize your audience segments with our audience building tool and have them sent directly to your DSP of choice. No tech integration needed!

Lookalike Audiences

Looking to broaden the targeting pool and spend your ad dollars on audiences that are more likely to convert? Our AI engine’s lookalike capabilities will map out similar characteristics found in your clicker and converters and build custom segments of people who “look” or “act” like your target audiences.

Build Your Shopper Audience