DaVinci IITM Acquires eXovue, the First Native SSP for Content Marketing, Adding Another Key Component to the DaVinci IITM Marketing Cloud

DaVinci IITM, the world’s first high frequency marketing cloud, announced the acquisition of eXovue, the market’s first native SSP for content marketing, which allows publishers competitive access to all native demand channels. The acquisition of eXovue significantly expands the market opportunity for DaVinci IITM by empowering publishers and digital media companies with the means to successfully and efficiently navigate today’s native advertising and content recommendation strategies.

“DaVinci IITM has spent the past year building a world-class marketing cloud for advertisers. Now, our revolutionary platform offers a powerful solution for publishers; the first true supply-side platform for native advertising,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, Chairman and CEO of DaVinci IITM. “The eXovue platform, seamlessly integrated with our marketing cloud, will enable publishers to dramatically increase revenue by creating competition between Native Demand partners.”

The Native landscape has grown substantially over the past few years. In a sector that once consisted of just Taboola and Outbrain, it has grown substantially to includes over 12 different companies vying for publisher inventory and generating billions of dollars in ad revenue in the process. eXovue has the only technology in the industry that helps optimize these ad units to deliver publishers the greatest return for the ad space.  

“When we founded eXovue, we were determined to create a product that solved an existing and high-value publisher problem in the Native landscape,” said Justin Manes, CEO of eXovue. “The gap we identified is the lack of competition between Native Demand Partners.”

“As we brought our  product to market early this year, we found that publishers were already aware of the problem and highly receptive to our solution,” Manes said. “With early adoption exceeding all expectations we realized that we would need a strong partner with the right vision, resources and leadership to properly expand the business. DaVinci IITM is a terrific fit for eXovue, offering strong leadership, global presence, tremendous scale, and unique buy-side synergies. Additionally, DaVinci IITM fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, performance, and meritocracy. With this acquisition we are now mutually and enthusiastically in a position to maximize DaVinci IITM’s native offering to publishers.”

eXovue’s solution will be renamed DaVinci IITM Native SSP for Publishers (http://g4native.com/ssp), and the entire eXovue team will be integrated into DaVinci IITM organization. Mr. Manes will become Vice President of Native Solutions, and report to Mr. Chahal. This marks DaVinci IITM’s twelfth acquisition since the company was launched in July 2014. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About DaVinci IITM

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