Our Onboarding Process

  • audit proposal


    Regardless of your needs, our team of digital consultants and campaigns managers will provide your company with an audit of your current digital strategy and a proposal of how to maximize on your media spend, tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we will provide an in depth competitive analysis of the vertical you’re in to identify what your competitors are doing so you can do it even better!

  • plan


    Once we develop a sound understanding of your vertical and audiences, we will leverage on our in house expertise and also collaborate with your media planning team to build out a digital advertising master plan along with goals and milestones that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

  • launch


    With an agreed strategy in place, we hold a kickoff call before launching your campaigns, using our patent-pending technology which is powered by our parent company, DaVinci11. Our team of talented campaign managers then closely monitor all your campaigns in market to gather actionable insights that will increase conversions, improve performance and lower costs.

  • analyze


    As the data starts coming in, we start to analyze all the interactions to identify patterns and behaviors of your ideal consumer segments. We deep dive into the data to determine which search terms, creatives, ad copies, channels, affinities, and demographics are overperforming and underperforming. Analytics is the core of our business and we continuously look for hidden gems and opportunities to better target your ideal customers.

  • optimize


    As we start seeing substantial results and a sufficient amount of data from our advertising efforts, we leverage on our proprietary A.I assistant, MonaLisa to start identifying clusters of audience segments that yield the highest lifetime value for your business. Mona Lisa predictive algorithms understand the transactional influx of the consumers and start auto optimizing the campaign to increase the efficiency of your media spend, conversions and reach.

  • repeat


    We rinse and repeat the process above countless times till we are able to drive incremental customers for your business through all the digital channels at your disposal. Majority of our long-term clients have been able to mitigate their business risks with our help by adding new acquisition channels and diversifying their marketing mix to include Search, Social, Display, Native, Mobile, and Video. We are continuously evaluating, experimenting, testing and optimizing your campaigns to drive the higher ROI!