The Genesis

Advanced URL shortening tool with vanity domain and retargeting capabilities combined with rich engagement analytics. Integrated with DMP and AddNow

Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery Uncover new and untapped audiences with links. And, do it in style with custom vanity URLs. Brand your content, messaging, and cross-channel campaigns.

Vanity Domains For Personalization

  • Custom Keyword Short Links Use custom keywords to create awareness for your content and brand. Increase plays, deliver clearmessaging, and offer short, simple URLs.
  • Auto-Branding of Shortened Links
  • Bulk Link Shortening via XML/CSV


  • Target your links to fans in any country as well as any device
  • Retarget your fans through D11’s DSP and through our social networks retargeting apps

Real Time Tracking & Analytics

  • View real-time link metrics and insights on social clicks, and shares
  • View demographics of clicks by song, album, artist, genre, etc.

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